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FIRST Pen Pals is a new way for FIRST teams in any of the four levels of competition to find and provide mentorship. FIRST Pen Pals helps teams find mentors/mentees, and from there the two teams have the opportunity to form close relationships. Connected mentor/mentee partnerships operate independantly of FIRST Pen Pals and are free to email, call, text, Google Hangout, telegram, AOL Message, etc.

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The Process

Follow these steps to get connected!


Fill out the form below with your team/personal information. Be honest and don't worry; we'll guard your info like it's our robot.


We'll verify the identity of each applicant. As soon as possible, we'll connect you with another team, the best match we can find.


After we connect you, you and your pen pal are on your own; you reach out to each other. You can video chat, message, email, etc.


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